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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Gundam Wing
Any cels of Hilde (with or without Duo) from Endless waltz. Very High
Any cels of Hilde in her Oz uniform. Very High
Any cels that have Duo and Hilde together in the same shot. Very High
Any cels of the Deathscythe Hell Custom Gundam from Endless Waltz. High
I want to get this cel of Quatre holding onto his heart. I would prefer to get it with just Quatre, but don't care if it ends up being many layers. High
Inu Yasha - Others
Any Ayame cels. Will Give Kidney
I would give my first born child to get my hands on a Kouga and Ayame cel. I don't care which one, just as long as they are together! But I wouldn't mind this particular one!! *squeals* Will Give Kidney
Any good Sesshoumaru cels. High
Vampire Princess Miyu
Any cels of Miyu and Larva embracing. With or without his mask. High

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